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The World Endoscopy Organization, WEO, is a world federation of national digestive endoscopy societies. Member societies are normally affiliated to and represented by one of three geographical zones: Asian-Pacific (APSDE), European/Mediterranean (ESGE) and Inter-American (SIED). Societies falling outside these zones are regarded as independent members.

WEO, a non-profit organization, was constituted as an international society, independent from Gastroenterology, in 1962 during the World Congress of Gastroenterology in Munich, Germany. The selected name at the time was "International Society of Endoscopy" (ISE) and this was changed to OMED on July 3, 1976. The name OMED was changed to WEO (World Endoscopy Organization) in September 2010.

WEO is currently composed of 97 Societies. The General Assembly, made up of representatives from these Societies, meets every four years during the World Congress and elects the Governing Council and the Committees.

About WEO
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