Surveillance after Colorectal Neoplasia

The aim of the expert working group on surveillance after removal of colorectal neoplasia is to improve the quality of the scientific evidence regarding post-polypectomy surveillance, including the clinical impact on patients and the demands on the health system associated with different surveillance programs tailored to a patient’s specific history.


Portrait jover 2


Dr Rodrigo Jover (Spain)




Dr. Uri Ladabaum, MD, with Stanford Hospital and Clinics during a Webinar on Screening and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer, on Thursday, April 10, 2014 ( Norbert von der Groeben/ Stanford Hospital and Clinics )


Dr Uri Ladabaum (USA)



Our goals include:

  • To define unanswered questions in post-polypectomy surveillance
  • To create strategies to answer these questions
  • To support and set up cooperative studies whose aim is to build robust evidence to answer these questions.