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The committee focuses on promoting high quality research

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Chair: Professor Krish Ragunath (UK)

Mission: To facilitate global research in the field of GI endoscopy



WEO Research Workshop

Launched at APDW Hong Kong 2017, this Research Committee’s workshop covers essential topics in clinical research and is aimed primarily at early career endoscopists involved with endoscopy and device related research activity.

It provides useful tips for those who are seasoned researchers and covers many topics including: how to design studies, interpret data and publish results, the importance of research to advance patient care, case control and cohort studies, statistical analysis, working with prototypes and many more.

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WEO Research Workshop at APDW 2018 Seoul – Presentations:

Research in endoscopy: Is this for me & how do I start? – Krish Ragunath (UK)

Study designs explained – Rajvinder Singh (Australia)

Biostatistician’s role in study design – Sunny Wong (Hong Kong)

Translational research in endoscopy: The new paradigm – Dong-Wan Seo (Korea)

Industry in endoscopy research: Panel discussion

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