Date: October 5-6, 2017

Location: Sochi, Russia

The International Educational Endoscopic video Forum (IEEF-2017), to be held on October 5-6, 2017 in Sochi, Russia.

The purpose of the video forum is to train doctors-endoscopists and to familiarize doctors related specialties with the achievements of modern endoscopy.

Participants will expand their understanding  diagnostic and interventional endoscopy in the clinic of internal diseases, will update and supplement their professional knowledge and theoretical base in the mini-symposia held with the participation of Russian and international experts. Forum participants, working in small groups will be able actively to interact in discussion of interesting, including rare clinical cases, to ask questions to the experts on technology performance of endoscopic procedures and get them satisfactory answers.

The format of the forum will provide an opportunity to see the best video-endoscopic demonstration of classical and exclusive methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system selected by professional members of the Scientific Committee.

The program also includes lectures by leading local and foreign experts on the new endoscopic techniques and developments in the field of endoscopic diagnosis and minimally invasive endoscopic treatment, open discussion of topical issues of Gastroenterology.

For more information, you can view and download the event flyer and visit the event official website.