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WEO Image Atlas

WEO Image AtlasWEO has produced a global atlas of endoscopic images with quality control mechanisms and standardized terminology based indexing.

Increasing access to still image capturing during gastrointestinal endoscopy calls for better understanding and more standardized interpretation of images. Quality-assured image collections with a wide distribution is the optimal vehicle, and the Internet increasingly offers tools to accomplish this. WEO represents world endoscopy and is in an unrivalled position to produce a comprehensive, authoritative atlas.

WEO will set up a sub-committee to develop the atlas with the intention of identifying higher quality images with better indexing and searchability that will be linked to the minimal standards terminology. Sources for bulk import of images will be sought through the network of WEO and the working party members. Quality will be controlled by a review board and images will be available from acquisition sites distributed worldwide.

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