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WEO Independent Members

Independent members do not belong to a particular regional association but are official members of the world organization.

Egypt Arab African Society of GE & Endoscopy
  • President: Dr Manialawi Mustafa
  • Medical Military Academy
    MISR International Hospital
    P.O. 174
    11518 Cairo
Egypt Egyptian Society of Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Endoscopy
El Salvador Asociacion Centroamericana de Gastroenterologia y Endoscopia Digestiva
  • President: Professor Jose Miguel Moreno
  • Secretary General: Dr Valdez Marisabel
  • Secretary
    Plaza Medica Tercer Nivel #316
    Avenida Max Bloch
    Clonia Medica
    San Salvador
    El Salvador
Ivory Coast Société Ivoirienne de Gastro-Entérologie et d‘Endoscopie Digestive (SIGEED)
Saudi Arabia Endoscopi Group of Saudi Arabia
  • President: Dr Ali Al-Hassini
  • Armed Forces Hospital
    P.O. Box 570
    Dhahran Airport
    Saudi Arabia
South Africa African Federation of Gastroenterology
  • President: Dr A.E. Simjee
  • GI Unit - Private Bag 7
    P.O. Box 17039
    4013 Congella
    South Africa
  • Tel.: +27.31.360.3522
    Fax: +27.3125.3832
Sudan Sudanese Society of Gastroenterology, Endoscopic Section
  • President: Dr Suliman S. Fedail
  • Secretary General: Hatin M. Mudawi
  • Permanent Secretariat:
    P.O. Box 311
  • Fax: +249.11.461796 or 227280
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