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The Minimal Standard Terminology for gastrointestinal endoscopy (MST) is the result of a continuous work by the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE), the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE), the World Endoscopy Organisation (WEO), as well as a large group of international collaborators. The MST copyright and responsibility has now been transferred to the WEO society for further development. The WEO Committee of Documentation and Standarisation has been in charge of this task, which has resulted in the present MST 3.0 version. While the original ideas of Prof. Maratka, ESGE, ASGE and the Gaster project have been retained, some modifications have still been put in place in this revision.

  • EUS and enteroscopy (including capsule endoscopy) have been included
  • The lists of findings have been reorganized, with one generic list for each main category (luminal, ERCP, EUS). This is coupled with a table to indicate which findings are relevant for which organ.
  • The ERCP terminology has been revised to allow more precise description of maneuvers, as well as findings
  • The lists for indications and diagnoses have been extended and somewhat revised.
  • New sections on therapy and adverse events have been included.
  • Updated classifications have been included as attributes wherever relevant.

The current document is free for download and use to all interested parties, as long as the copyright statements on page 1 of the document are honored:

» MST30.pdf - full document in PDF format including introductory text

» MST30_tables.xls - all tables in excel spreadsheet format

Normed Verlag GmbHMinimal Standard Terminlogy is published by Normed Verlag on behalf of WEO as a book, with definitions for each term / finding, and also including an interactive image CD-ROM. Normed Verlag GmbH: Untere Terrassestrasse 6, D- 61348, Bad Homburg, Germany, Tel. + 49-6172 42756, fax + 49-6172 458427,,

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