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WEO representatives visited Addis Ababa to donate endoscopes and share knowledge

Edmonton (Canada): J.D. Waye (WEO/OMED President) presents R.B. Bailey the WEO/OMED AwardIn September 2010, Dr R.J. Bailey, and his team of experts at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Canada, received a WEO award for their humanitarian work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Translated, Addis Ababa means “new flower,” and this past June, it was blossoming with support from physicians and staff, who arrived with $400,000 in donated colonoscopes, gastroscopes, and support equipment from Olympus Canada for the city’s 350-bed, St. Paul Hospital & Millennium Medical School.

Dr R.J. Bailey and his team worked with St. Paul’s staff and physicians to progress their endoscopy care model. This included some sharing of knowledge and adjustments to their infrastructure for better patient flow, infection control, and safety. J.D. Waye awards K. Korner and A. Tamerat for their work in Ethiopia.

“Everyone pitched in for this effort,” says Dr Bailey. “It will have a significant impact on how endoscopy can be utilized in Addis Ababa, because the health service has evolved.”

J.D. Waye awards K. Korner and A. Tamerat for their work in Ethiopia“At St. Paul, they were having to clean instrumentation and complete patient procedures in one room. By the time we left, we were able to organize the endoscopy suite in three rooms. That certainly will help with patient flow,” says Kathy Korner, an endoscopy nurse at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Her colleague and fellow nurse, Adina Tamerat, originally from Ethiopia, was also part of the visiting team. “The nurses were knowledgeable, but they were lacking equipment. Now with the new scopes, Addis Ababa will be a flower that grows!”

The trip to Ethiopia was sponsored by the Ethiopian North American Health Providers Association. The association’s president, Dr Melaku Game, a hematologist with the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Cross Cancer Institute is originally from Ethiopia.

Over the last seven years, Dr Game has organized humanitarian missions to Ethiopia from disciplines, such as pulmonary medicine, critical care, and even first responders.

“The world is becoming a small village” says Dr Game. “Conversely, medicine is becoming globalized. This is especially apparent with the advancements that have been made in care in African countries.”

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