Jean-François Rey, WEO President Elect

WEO is proud to announce that a new position statement entitled “WEO position statement on hygiene in digestive endoscopy: Focus on endoscopy units in Asia and the Middle East” has been published. This statement was drafted in close collaboration by many distinguished endoscopists, largely from this part of the world.

After unfortunate events in the recent past, when patient deaths were attributed to infected endoscopes, the topic of hygiene in endoscopy is more important than ever. Still, the issue of endoscope reprocessing has always been a challenging field, as hygiene standards vary greatly from country to country. For an organization like WEO, with its worldwide mandate, it is even more challenging to cover such a topic because reprocessing and hygiene in endoscopy vary substantially across countries. In developing countries, for example, the settings may impose significant limitations to the appropriate cleaning of endoscopes and accessory devices. In particular, some endoscopy units in Asia and the Middle East lag behind Western countries owing to a lack of financial resources.

In order to shed some light into this topic, WEO has prepared this position statement to highlight the key points for quality assurance in any endoscopy unit, focusing on Asia and the Middle-East. We gathered world-renowned experts to provide insight into what can be done, considering the limitations of certain territories.

I am proud to have taken part in this effort, and believe this will be an important document for endoscopists in developing countries, so that they can establish minimum requirements for the reprocessing of endoscopes and endoscopic devices. The article takes into consideration different reprocessing methods (automated WD or manual cleaning) and the endoscopy setting (endoscopy suite, operating room, elective or emergency procedures), and also makes recommendations concerning the reprocessing environment, the training of staff, and monitoring systems and equipment. I hope the article will serve its purpose in years to come and WEO will make all efforts to promote it.

You can view and download the position statement here.