In 2015, the World Endoscopy Organization (WEO) developed a unique program on the initiative of Professor Ibrahim Mostafa, Program Director WEO’s Education Committee, aiming to equip the most promising young doctors with skills necessary to become future leaders in the field of endoscopy. The Emerging Stars course helps the best talents in endoscopy to optimize their leadership abilities, i.e. people skills, time management, sound decision-making, professional expertise, and technical skills.

The program comprises three training modules. Each module lasts six to seven days and takes place in different cities around the world, with intensive face-to-face training. The program takes between 15 and 18 months to complete. Each module covers both technical (e.g. teaching with models & simulators, new technologies) and soft skills (e.g. leadership skills, dealing with the media). Modules are organized in partnership with WEO Centers of Excellence and other renowned teaching hospitals.

The kick-off module was held in Munich, Germany, on November 8 – 13, 2015. Prior to the event, the first class of 19 “Emerging Stars” in the field of endoscopy were selected from 60+ applicants around the globe. Their multifaceted backgrounds are considered an additional asset for the intercultural exchange of ideas and the establishment of an international network of future leaders in endoscopy. Six days of interactive, intensive training covered a wide range of leadership development topics, such as the improvement of communication and networking skills, advanced teaching methods and structures, the enhancement of IT skills, the optimal use of Social Media, as well as the best approaches to Evidence Based Medicine (EBM).

Four months after the kick-off module of the Emerging Stars Course in Munich in November, the group much enjoyed the second module, which took place on April 3 – 8, 2016 in the Chicago metropolitan area at the ASGE Institute for Training & Technology (IT&T).

The third and final module took place in Cairo (Egypt) on March 11-19, 2017. The participants faced eight days of intensive training, lectures and hands-on practice. Topics ranged from how to organize and perform a live course, to teaching and research, as well as social and negotiation skills, and contact with the media. As successful graduates, the participants have been officially recognized as WEO Emerging Stars.

There are only 2 weeks left to apply for the WEO Emerging Stars Course 2018-2019. For more detailed information, click here.