Every year, a world-class, innovative and interactive program is carefully created by the UEG Scientific Committee and there are many highlights to look forward to in 2017. These include the highly regarded ‘Today’s Science, Tomorrow’s Medicine’ lecture series, which will have a particular focus on Host Microbiota Crosstalk in 2017.

At UEG Week you can expect intensive days of scientific advances and updates from the world’s leading digestive health experts. One of the highlights are the UEG Week ‘Hotspot’ sessions, where attendees can join intriguing discussions and debates on the most exciting areas within our field. This includes the ‘Abstracts on FIRE’ series, where UEG Week’s leading abstracts are examined, explored and clinically reviewed by experts.

UEG is dedicated to providing young clinicians with a first-class congress experience and is eager to deliver a platform to link people within the global GI community.

Join the 25th UEG Week for the latest science and celebrations. For more information, please visit: www.ueg.eu/week