Excelling in a fast paced environment is challenging for health care professionals worldwide. Today, lifelong learning is omnipresent and mandatory for all ranging from trainees, residents, professional is private practice as well as senior experts at flagship universities. Horst Neuhaus has once again proven with the 20th Düsseldorf International Endoscopy Symposium that he can address topics of interest to early career endoscopists as well as world class leading experts in the field. By inviting faculty from all continents, he bridges the characteristic distinctions and allow for in depth discussion of training in a global environment and on an international scale.

The Future of Globalization of Advanced Training was the title of the tandem lecture chaired by Paul Fockens, The Netherlands, and given by Hisao Tajiri, President of the Japan Gastroenterological Society (JGES), Japan and Jean-Francois Rey, President of the World Endoscopy Organization (WEO), France. JGES has for many years promoted international exchange, both by inviting doctors for training to Japan, and also supporting Japanese trainees with scholarship opportunities abroad. Such exchange builds networks that allow practitioners to enhance and expand their own capabilities. With new technologies and techniques emerging, such networks allow to standardize training and education internationally, to establish quality improvement measurements and improve diagnosis. WEO strongly encourages such opportunities and welcomes the chance to strengthen international collaboration. Hisao Tajiri and Jean-Francois Rey share a vision of more international exchange and interaction.

The Düsseldorf Symposium was the perfect platform to intensify bonds with European and international friends, to share knowledge and experience and to satisfy the natural desire to improve further develop proficiencies.

Thank you to Horst Neuhaus for organizing this wonderful forum and for his vision on expanding knowledge in an ever-changing world.