WEO has a mandate to be the world leader in endoscopic education. We plan to develop a collection of important articles in the medical literature and to construct lists of interesting endoscopy videos that concern endoscopy. To achieve this we need the help and assistance of all of our readers to aid in collecting pertinent material which will be published on the WEO website.

If you have information already available or if you know about published papers or internet websites that can be added in order to amass the critical information that students, fellows in training and practitioners can use to further their knowledge about all aspects of the specialty of gastrointestinal endoscopy then so please send this material to the WEO Secretariat at secretariat@worldendo.org . Please ensure that this is your own work and is not copyrighted material or others’ work. If any part of submission is not original, please ensure that necessary permissions are obtained. WEO does not assume this liability.

To send your favorite articles, material you recommended or articles and videos you think are outstanding, for education, please participate in our survey: https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/95XH767

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