Fabian Emura, President-Elect of WEO recognizes the gap between highly sophisticated equipment on the one side, and poor utilization on the other. “In certain respects, the way EGD is currently performed is not well standardized and impedes rather than promotes early detection of diseases. Although a considerable attention has been focused on high-definition imaging, performing a basic high standard examination could have an even greater global impact.”

With this in mind, Fabian Emura designed an interactive course to help participants advance their basic endoscopic skills by a comprehensive review of upper endoscopy quality parameters and discussion with experts. The inaugural program took place in Medellin, Colombia, on March 9, 2018 and was met with acclaim. 103 participants valued the opportunity to meet world renowned experts and discuss quality of procedures. The program included simultaneous voting and quiz sessions. International faculty included experts from Argentina and Japan.

WEO has a clear commitment to enhance quality and with this improve standard of care. Higher quality will lead to more patient safety and satisfaction, improve diagnoses and in the end save money and other valuable resources. To learn more about WEO´s High Quality courses and how to join, contact the WEO secretariat at secretariat@worldendo.org

Additional information will be available soon.