Jover et al. on behalf of the WEO Expert Working Group of Surveillance after colorectal neoplasia have published a concise document using Delphi recommendations in the journal Digestive endoscopy, Volume 30, Issue 4, July, 2018.

The aim of this publication was to define the standards of procedural practice as it pertains to surveillance colonoscopy and to develop a quality check list that could be used in routine clinical practice. 56 statements in 12 domains were reviewed by the experts using a 5 point Likert scale. Consensus was reached in 27 of the 56 statements.  Key points emphasized were 1. Documenting the completion of exam, 2. Bowel cleansing and 3. Completeness of polyp excision.  Based on the consensus a simple and ready to use clinical checklist was developed.

For free full access of the article and to download the check list please click on the following link.