The WEO e-Newsletter aims to reach out to endoscopists with WEO news and educational content, covering a wide range of topics of interest to endoscopists, in the form of educational videos, in-depth-case studies, opinion pieces, and more.

The e-Newsletter is published monthly and emailed to more than 7,000 subscribers worldwide with a click rate of over 1500 monthly reads. WEO news is also published in the journal DEN – Digestive Endoscopy (Wiley) and authors will be credited for their contribution in the e-Newsletter.

Over the last two years, Dr  Nalini M Guda, Editor of the WEO newsletter, has introduced two sections of clinically relevant articles and expert opinions in to the WEO e-Newsletter. These are the “General Endoscopy Masters Series” (“GEMS”), and the “Tips and Tricks” features that summarize important dos and don’ts for common and advanced endoscopic procedures. These are non-peer-reviewed expert opinion articles, and their number has increased over time. We are grateful to our previous editor, Dr Jerome Waye, who continues to guide us and inspires us with his contagious enthusiasm to serve the endoscopic community in general and our newsletter readers in particular.

As the readership of the WEO e-Newsletter grows, there is an increasing demand for content. You too can submit an article, at any time, to the Check our e-Newsletter submission guidelines to learn more about length and video/image details.

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