Three case scenarios are presented in this month’s e-Video section. The one from Endoscopy shows a single-session combined submucosal dissection and endoscopic full-thickness resection for a recurrent rectal polyp. The DEN case demonstrates treatment of Zenker’s diverticulum by total septum myotomy throughout a submucosal tunnel (Z‐POEM).

In the VideoGIE contribution, the authors demonstrate the usefulness and safety of a novel multifunctional snare, for colorectal precutting EMR and for hybrid endoscopic submucosal dissection of a sessile serrated polyps.

We are grateful to the editors of these journals for sharing their links with our WEO e-Newsletter community.

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One-session combined technique for a recurrent rectal polyp: submucosal dissection and endoscopic full-thickness resection

Stefania Ghersi, Marco Bassi, Stefano Landi, Cecilia Binda, Emanuele Dabizzi, Vincenzo Cennamo

  Digestive Endoscopy (DEN):

Zenker’s diverticulum: Submucosal tunneling endoscopic septum division (Z‐POEM)

Oscar Víctor Hernández Mondragón,  Michel Omar Solórzano, Pineda  Juan Manuel Blancas Valencia


Usefulness and safety of colorectal precutting EMR and hybrid endoscopic submucosal dissection for sessile serrated polyps with use of a novel multifunctional snare

Yuzuru Tamaru, Toshio Kuwai, Kazutaka Kuroki, Hiroshi Kohno, Sauid Ishaq