In October 2019, WEO launched a new training format to leverage the best skills of their experts by offering the most popular training activities at two different locations. WEO’s Endoscopy Tour started in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 8–9, 2019, and the great vibe continued in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on October 11–12, 2019, promoting advanced teaching in GI endoscopy and expanding current local practice in gastrointestinal endoscopy.

The tour was supported by the local faculty at each venue, who also helped design the program to meet the requirements of the audience. With the support of WEO they produced extremely high-level education events, with alternating lectures, quizzes, live demonstrations, and hands-on training.

With the support of the course directors, once again showing their skill and elegance, this new program has brought together endoscopists worldwide and, as Dr Jean-Francois Rey, WEO President, said after the completion of the tour: “Well-crafted content and an ideal format, plus an impeccable organization, this is exactly what an effective workshop should look like.”

The feedback received from the participants clearly underlined the popularity and effectiveness of the course.

Image-enhancing techniques, be they magnification or manipulation of the light spectrum during examination, are often underutilized. Full use of the available techniques would not only save time and cost, but would also minimize unnecessary interventions. Dr Jean-Francois Rey, WEO President and international course co-director took the opportunity to explained their classification and demonstrated their benefits.

Li Peng, from the Beijing Friendship Hospital in China, also international course co-director, complemented the international faculty and built a bridge to the still rather different approach to endoscopy taken in the eastern hemisphere. Few endoscopists in Latin America can specialize in the diagnosis of early gastric cancer, at a time when rising incidence rates demand expertise in beating this unrecognized malady. Li Peng´s elegance and seemingly effortless ESD technique amazed participants both in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

The local hosts, Luis Caro in Buenos Aires and Simone Guaraldi in Rio de Janeiro established superb local teams, to lecture on local considerations and to assist with hands-on and live demonstrations.

Teaching endoscopy remains a rewarding challenge and WEO is proud to be affiliated with so many enthusiastic teachers and trainers worldwide!

The program will continue in 2020 – stay tuned!

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