Professor Anthony T. R. Axon, Department of Gastroenterology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

We are greatly honored to announce Professor Axon’s Presidential Lecture, to be given at ENDO 2020, the 2nd World Congress of GI Endoscopy in Rio de Janeiro this March.

Professor Axon will give his lecture on March 7, 2020, during the WEO inaugural session. His topic will be “Fifty years of digestive endoscopy: successes, setbacks, solutions and the future.” He will reflect on the early years of GI endoscopy and the initial reservations concerning its value, and explain how endoscopy was pioneered, and eventually revolutionized the practice of gastroenterology.

The paper, which Professor Axon wrote specially for the occasion, is now available online in Digestive Endoscopy as an Early View ( and will appear in the March issue of DEN.

Anthony “Tony” Axon is a general gastroenterologist. He qualified from Barts Hospital Medical College, University of London in 1965 and is Honorary Professor of Gastroenterology at the University of Leeds, UK. Professor Axon is a former President of WEO and has been active in international gastroenterology for many years, with a major interest in endoscopy and H. pylori research.