Spaces at the ENDO 2020 Hands-on Training sessions are limited. Register now to get your preferred place in the variety of 90-minute training sessions on March 8–9, 2020.

The sessions will be led by Professor Dong-Wan Seo (WEO) and Professor Marco Aurélio D’Assunção (SOBED) and guided by international and local faculty. These practical sessions enable participants to move from the more passive learning of the big lectures to active training – a great opportunity, using models to learn or refine new techniques.

To maximize contact between tutors and participants, the group sizes are limited. Find out about these expert-led Hands-on Training sessions here before you register. You can book online for a Hands-on Training session when you register for ENDO 2020.

For the final discount on the Hands-on Training fee, book by March 1, 2020. See below for more details.

Important dates:

  • For the final hands-on training discount, book by March 1, 2020
  • For the final registration discount, register by March 1, 2020