Dr Sumit Bhatia (India), participant of the WEO International School of EUS (WISE) 2019 program shares his perspective on the WISE class of 2019.

Dr Sumit Bhatia and Professor Dong-Wan Seo, WISE International Course Director at the Graduation Ceremony in Seoul, Korea, December 2019


WISE Class of 2019: third module at Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG), Hyderabad, India

By Dr Sumit Bhatia (India), participant of the WEO International School of EUS (WISE) 2019 program

I was extremely fortunate to be a part of prestigious WEO International School of EUS (WISE), class of 2019. The first two modules at the renowned Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea under tutelage of Professor Dong-Wan Seo (Korea) were extremely helpful for me to develop my EUS skills. The program not only helped me professionally, but was also a great opportunity to network with the best professionals in the area of interventional endoscopy and to make lifelong friendships from across the globe. Just when we thought that we have had the best possible exposure of EUS through WISE 2019, we were given a chance to attend an optional third module at Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG), Hyderabad, India in February 2020 during the India EUS Summit 2020.

Unfortunately, this was also a time when the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic stared to rear its ugly head. It resulted in many of my colleagues cancelling their participation in the module at the last minute due to travel restrictions.

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG), Hyderabad, India

I was very fortunate to attend the India EUS summit 2020 as a WISE participant and subsequently had the opportunity to stay back at AIG for observership in interventional EUS and other advance endoscopic procedures. AIG, Hyderabad is considered a premier institute in India and abroad and is a WEO recognized center of excellence. The Institute is led by Dr D. N. Reddy (India), who is considered nothing short of a demi god in the endoscopy and gastroenterology arena. Naturally, the expectations for the module were very high and I must admit that I was in for an academic feast for a week.

The module started with the three-day India EUS summit with excellent lectures, live EUS procedures and discussions by a world-renowned faculty. The sessions were interspersed with tips and tricks sessions with senior teaching faculties addressing the tiniest of doubts of attendees. Hands-on session was like the icing of the cake. The session was conducted in AIG’s state-of-the-art skills lab, and training was imparted on models for Hot AXIOS, EUS guided biliary drainage, EUS-guided pseudocyst drainage, EUS- guided hepaticogastrostomy and a new indigenously developed EUS magic box.

After a very satisfying academic feast, I attended the endoscopic procedures at AIG hospitals, and what I witnessed was a pleasant surprise. The endoscopic suites at AIG facility were nothing short of spectacular with avant-garde infrastructure. The case volumes were huge and the endoscopy teams highly dedicated and professional. Under the guidance and mentorship of Dr Sundeep Lakhtakia, Director Endoscopy and EUS program at AIG, I was able to witness first-hand procedures like EUS-guided gastrojejunostomy (EUS-GJ), EUS-guided pancreatic duct drainage (EUS-PD), numerous biliary drainages and LAMS placements. Watching an expert such as Dr Sundeep Lakhtakia perform these complicated procedures with ease instilled a sense of confidence to approach these cases in a logical manner. As if that was not enough, in addition to the EUS cases, I witnessed a number of third space endoscopy procedures and advance ERCPs.

Furthermore, I met legendary Dr D. N. Reddy himself and gained insights on how to shape and pursue a career in advance endoscopy and research. I was also invited to visit the research wing of AIG, Asian Healthcare foundation by Dr Reddy. The research institute is one of its kind and is involved in all leading basic and translational research in gastroenterology.


The third module not only enhanced my EUS knowledge but also showed me new frontiers in the field of gastroenterology. I am extremely thankful to WEO, Professor Seo, team AIG, Dr Reddy, and Dr Sandeep for giving me this opportunity to be and learn at this premier institute. Just when you thought WISE was the best learning experience, it surprises you and gives you something more.


Latest update of WISE 2020

The WISE 2020 Basic Anatomy Workshop which was scheduled to take place in Seoul in February had to be cancelled due to the current pandemic. However, to ensure continuous EUS education, a 3-session virtual workshop will take place in June 2020. 30 selected candidates will participate in the workshop. Strict assessments and tests will be carried out, after which six finalists will be selected to continue their training in the subsequent WISE modules.

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