The WEO Emerging Stars Program provides a group of promising young doctors with the skills they need to become effective leaders in the field of digestive endoscopy and to eventually form a network of “next generation” expert endoscopists. 

The program, which will take place from 2021–2022 in partnership with the WEO Centers of Excellence and other renowned teaching hospitals, offers valuable professional development opportunities. Each module covers both soft skills (e.g. leadership skills, dealing with the media) and technical training (e.g. teaching with models and simulators, new technologies).

Emerging Stars Program 2019

If you are interested in advancing your leadership skills under the mentorship of renowned experts, the WEO Emerging Stars Program is for you.

The deadline for applications is September 30, 2020. Detailed information on the application process for the next generation of Emerging Stars can be found on the WEO website here.