The South African Gastroenterology Society (SAGES) presented their annual conference as a virtual event on August 6–13, 2020. The congress covered a wide variety of topics, and a separate session, hosted by the Gastroenterology Foundation of sub-Saharan Africa (GFSSA) on August 8, was devoted to endoscopy. The GFSSA collaborated with WEO to present the ‘’Best of ENDO 2020,” a selection of events from WEO’s 2nd World Congress held in Brazil in March 2020. This initiative was facilitated by the chairs of the WEO Activities to Reach Africa (ARA) Committee, Professors Kulwinder Dua and Lars Aabakken.

The Chairman of the GFSSA, Professor Chris Kassianides, opened the program, followed by a warm welcome from Professor Fabian Emura, WEO President. Course directors Professors Sandie Thompson and Eduard Jonas facilitated the presentation. This event not only initiated collaboration between WEO and GFSSA but could also enhances communication among endoscopists, hopefully forging links between WEO activities in Africa and the significant endoscopy resources available within South Africa.

For more information about the recently established ARA committee please visit WEO’s website.