WEO was pleased to participate in yet another prominent virtual congress in China. CCDE 2020 was organized by the the Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopology (CSDE), President Professor Linghu Enqiang, in association with the Chinese Medical Association. It is one of the most important national congresses in China.

Stretching over three days, it covered all the field of digestive endoscopology and was well-attended online by more than 200 000 viewers.

An International Expert exchange session was dedicated to WEO and included lectures by:

  • Fabian Emura: Quality metrics in upper GI endoscopy: Unadopted indication in clinical practice
  • Jean-Francois Rey: Artificial intelligence in digestive endoscopy
  • Dong-Wan Seo: EUS-guided RFA for pancreatic cancer management
  • Douglas Faigel: CRC screening – is colonoscopy still the gold standard?
  • Rahul Pannala: Endoscopic management of post bariatric adverse events

As Dr Emura, WEO President, commented: “Education is the cornerstone of a progressive society. I am very impressed that in the current pandemic, CSDE continues to persevere and achieve the remarkable result of an extremely well-attended online nationwide congress. I would like to congratulate Professor Linghu and his team for organizing such a successful virtual meeting, thereby continuing to share knowledge and experiences related to digestive endoscopology to all corners of China.’

Pictures: Welcome address by Congress and CSDE President, Professor Linghu Enqiang