“Real-time communication has permeated all organizations and WEO is no exception” explained Dr Nalini Guda, Chair of the WEO News and Communication Committee, during the inaugural committee video call on November 12, 2020. As an umbrella organization, WEO seeks to reach audiences of experts in endoscopy around the world: understanding the role of effective communication in today´s daily practice is key for this task.

Dr. Guda welcomed a distinguished group of expert endoscopists and regional leaders as members of the WEO NCC:

Sharmila Anandasabapathy, USA

Lazaro Arango, Colombia

Akwi Asombang, USA

Torsten Beyna, Germany

Christopher Khor, Singapore

Jimmy Lezama, Peru

G.Venkat Rao, India

Asadur Tchekmedyian, Uruguay

Dr. Guda thanked the Committee members for accepting the invitation to serve and looked forward to their working together to find ways to enhance the promotion of WEO and its activities in all the regions of the world. The creation of an editorial board and increasing the presence of the organization on various social media channels are some of the goals of this new initiative.

You too can join the Committee members in raising the profile of endoscopy, by following and sharing WEO matters in global social networks:

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