The international meeting dedicated to capsule endoscopy, CEGS 2020, was hosted by WEO for the second year, in collaboration with the Chinese Health Management Association. CEGS 2020 brought together several global experts such as Jean-Francois Rey (France), Helmut Neumann (Germany), Miguel Saraiva (Portugal), Rome Jubabha (USA), and Ekatarina Ivanova (Russia), as well as local experts including Linghu Enqiang and Zhao Xiaoyan and industry pioneers such as Jinshan Science and Technology. Participants shared their ideas and experiences about the knowns and explored together the unknowns in the new era of capsule endoscopy.

A special highlight was a presentation by Professor Zhao Qiu from the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. Professor Zhao Qiu shared his personal experiences during the initial COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan as well as describing the application of capsule endoscopy under the pandemic conditions.

The Chair of CEGS 2020 and WEO President, Dr. Fabian Emura, commented: “We are very proud that CEGS 2020 is able to adapt in such unprecedented times to reach out to a wide audience, providing them with an international platform which promotes education, research and academic exchange in the precinct of gastroenterology, specifically targeting capsule endoscopy.”

In its first ever hybrid in-person/online summit, CEGS 2020 was proud to garner more than 160 000 views from more than 100 countries.

Welcome message by Fabian Emura, WEO President
Expert Panel Discussion