Your chance to see the three presentations from December’s e-Video sections, below.

Digestive Endoscopy (DEN):

Using an over-the-­scope clip for colonic diverticular hemorrhage

Hirosato Doi, Keita Sasajima, Masanori Takahashi


Duodenoscope-related infections and potential role of single-use duodenoscopes

Erik A. Holzwanger, Mohammad Bilal, James Saperia, Jonah Cohen, Mandeep S. Sawhney, Tyler M. Berzin, Douglas K. Pleskow


Gastric ischemia and portal vein thrombosis in a COVID-19-infected patient

See-Wei Low, Karen L. Swanson, Josiah D. McCain, Ayan Sen, Akira Kawashima, Shabana F. Pasha

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