The WEO Webinar Committee is dedicated to the production of educational video content for endoscopy trainees around the world. According to their members’ expertise and interests, several subgroups will work on a variety of topics. Subgroup leaders will provide structure and drive the production process. The Committee aims to produce high quality 8-minute videos on topics relevant to beginners in endoscopy, as detailed below, and to subsequently move on to more advanced topics. The subgroups have already started to script and storyboard their projects and anticipate publication of the videos by the end of 2021. The videos will be available on WEO’s official YouTube channel and the WEO website library, and will be freely accessible for anyone keen to learn.

The following topics will be covered in the educational videos:

How to set up an endoscopy procedure
Co-leads: Chris Chapman (USA), Sandra Canseco (Argentina)
Team members: Emmanuel Coronel (USA), Shou-Jiang Tang, (USA), Selvi Thirumurthi (USA), Lisa Cassani (USA), Kalpesh Patel (USA), Rahul Pannala (USA)

How to do an EGD to screen for cancers and take biopsies & How to treat variceal bleeding
Co-leads: Roy Soetikno (Indonesia), Noriya Uedo (Japan)
Team members: Fabian Emura (Colombia), Ravi Shankar (Singapore), Rajvinder Singh (Australia), Payal Saxena (Australia), Seiichiro Abe (Japan), Jong H. Moon (Korea), Toshio Kuwai (Japan), Ming-Yan Cai (China)

How to treat nonvariceal bleeding
Co-leads: Ryan Law (USA), Amrita Sethi (USA)
Team members: Sravanthi Parasa (USA), Diogo Moura (Brazil), Robert Jay Sealock (USA), Andrew Storm (USA), Philip Ge (USA), Miguel Tanimoto (Mexico)

How to treat esophageal strictures
Co-leads: Edward Despott (UK), Marianna Arvanitakis (Belgium)
Team members: Georgios Mavrogenis (Greece), Shradda Gulati (UK), Roberta Maselli (Italy), Evelien Dekker (Netherlands), Shimaa Afify (Egypt), Juergen Hochberger (Germany), Mark Topazian (Ethiopia)

How to manage foreign bodies
Co-leads: Truptesh H. Kothari (USA), Nonthalee Pausawasdi (Thailand)
Team members: Sharmila Sachitanandan (Malaysia), Zaheer Nabi (India), Majidah Bukhari (Saudi Arabia), Asma Alkandari (Kuwait), Anthony Teoh (Hong Kong)

How to insert feeding tubes and PEG tubes
Co-leads: Mouen Khashab (USA), Simone Guaraldi (Brazil)
Team members: Victoria Gomez (USA), Kevin Waschke (Canada), Martin Coronel (USA), Shayan Irani (USA), Harry Aslanian (USA), Mohd Bilal (USA), G.S. Raju (USA)

WEO is very grateful for the input of this distinguished group of clinicians in helping to further realize the WEO vision for worldwide education in endoscopy.

G.S. Raju, Chair, WEO Webinar Committee