The following recordings of WEO webinars, meetings, and virtual courses are currently available online:

  • WEO webinars:
    • Global Impact of COVID-19 on Endoscopy Services
    • GI Endoscopy in Africa – what are the challenges?
    • Quality in endoscope reprocessing: Global Perspectives
  • CRC SC Expert Working Groups and Plenary Meeting:
    • CRC SC Plenary Meeting
    • Screening in a COVID-19 Era
    • Inequities in Colorectal Cancer Screening
    • FIT for Screening
    • Right-Sided Lesions/Interval Cancers and Surveillance after Colorectal Neoplasia
    • Evaluation of New Tests
    • Polyp Detection, Characterization, Resection & AI
  • WEO courses:
    • Advanced Continuing Course in Small Bowel Endoscopy
    • Advanced Diagnosis Endoscopy Course, ADEC: Lower GI
    • Program for Endoscopic Teachers, PET
    • Advanced Diagnosis Endoscopy Course, ADEC: IEE [image-enhanced endoscopy] for upper GI, new evidences & technologies

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