Links to the three presentations from September’s e-Video sections are given below.

Digestive Endoscopy (DEN):

Hepaticojejunostomy for the right hepatic bile duct using a forward-viewing echoendoscope in a patient after pancreatoduodenectomy

Hirotoshi Ishiwatari, Junya Sato, Junichi Kaneko


Combination of endoscopic-ultrasound guided choledochoduodenostomy and gastrojejunostomy resolving combined distal biliary and duodenal obstruction

Pradermchai Kongkam, Thanawat Luangsukrerk, Kamin Harinwan, Kunvadee Vanduangden, Suppawatsa Plaidum, Rungsun Rerknimitr, Pinit Kullavanijaya


Endoscopic resection of large Paris 0-Ip pedunculated polyps: video demonstration of recent U.S. Multi-Society Task Force recommendations on resection and removal for general endoscopists

Nauroz Syed, Matthew T. Moyer

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