It is our pleasure to welcome you to WEO’s webinar on “Super Minimally Invasive Interventions of EGD” organized by the WEO Super Minimally Invasive Interventions Ad hoc Committee.

Learning objective:
– Learn a new treatment model for future medicine

The 1-hour & 20-minutes webinar includes the following 10-minute lectures:
The concept, indication and future of super minimally invasive surgery – Enqiang Linghu (China)
Are we eligible to use SMII for GIST of the esophagus and stomach? – Evgeny Federov (Russia)
Endoscopic Full Thickness Resection for gastric submucosal tumors – Philip Chiu (China)
Difficult peroral endoscopic myotomy: definition and management strategies – Deliang Liu (China)
Super minimally invasive therapy of pancreatic tumors – Dong-Wan Seo (South Korea)

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