WEO aims to become an important point of reference and a link to connect the endoscopy community around the world. The results of our work during 2021 prove that we are on the right path towards this goal and it is with great pleasure that, as WEO President, I share with you some of the most relevant milestones WEO has achieved during the last year.”  Read on for Dr Fabian Emura’s New Year’s message.

State of the art alternatives for continuing education

  • 13 WEO courses successfully organized: thanks to the active leadership of all directors and committee chairs, we succeeded in offering our established educational programs in virtual format. The High Quality in Upper GI Endoscopy Course (High-Q) took place on seven occasions with focus on the Latin America region. For the last version, an impressive panel of international experts offered live discussion on basic colonoscopy and more than 1,000 participants registered from around the globe. Other traditional courses like the Advanced Diagnosis Endoscopy Course (ADEC), the Video Capsule Endoscopy Training (VCE), and the Program for Endoscopic Teachers (PET) were hosted with steadily increasing participation. Finally, the WEO School of EUS (WISE), which adopted digital format since 2020 successfully finished its fifth edition in 2021. Forty-three participants from 18 countries, from around the world were accepted into the WISE 2021 program and the top six participants were additionally invited to take part in the exclusive hands-on training in Seoul.
  • 15 webinars were hosted: thanks to GS Raju, chair of WEO’s webinar committee and the diligent efforts of WEO’s committee chairs, 15 webinars were hosted throughout 2021. We are proud to have welcomed over 2.500 live attendees and gathered more than 7.000 YouTube views throughout the year. It was of special importance to WEO to facilitate the webinars free of charge to enable any endoscopist worldwide, from trainee to expert, to learn and grow virtually without any strings attached. We are currently in the process of finalizing the webinar schedule for 2022 and are excited to be able to continue to provide our growing global endoscopy community with educational opportunities.
  • CRC SC virtual meetings a great success: A special thank you – and congratulations – go to WEO’s Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee (CRC SC). This highly respected committee under leadership of Evelien Dekker, was able to host both its bi-annual plenary meetings as well as Expert Working Group meetings in virtual format successfully. Both the number of attendees (200+ in plenary meetings), regional spread and the overall size of CRC SC’s community with more than 1.300 members, highlight the importance and relevance of the science and practice of CRC screening.

We are very pleased to let you know that most recordings of WEO’s virtual courses, webinars and CRC SC meetings are available on demand on both our YouTube channel as well as WEO’s website. All recordings are available free of charge.

Hot in the press: top research publications

Another important pillar for WEO is research done on behalf of the organization. We are proud that several papers were published on behalf of WEO and aim to continue with our endeavors to advance research within GI endoscopy in 2022. More relevant papers published in 2021 are:

The 3rd World Congress of GI Endoscopy in hybrid format

After months of preparations and planning, we are thrilled that ENDO 2022, which is jointly organized by WEO and Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society (JGES), will finally happen in Kyoto, Japan next year. The Scientific Committee under chairmanship of Prateek Sharma and Yutaka Saito have been working hard to deliver a world-class program tailored to all endoscopy needs – from basic to advanced – on May 13-15, 2022.

WEO and JGES are also very happy to announce that ENDO 2022 will take place both face-to-face in Kyoto and online as a hybrid event. The organizing committee is aware that, due to COVID regulations in different countries, not all our participants may be able to join us on site. With a hybrid format, ENDO 2022 is committed to enabling as many colleagues as possible to take part. Preparations for a joint exhibition with our partner event, the 103JGES Congress, continue in full swing and both ENDO 2022 and the 103JGES will be hosted at the Kyoto International Conference Center. Registration for the congress will open in February 2022. We very much look forward to seeing many of you in Kyoto and welcoming online participants from all regions of the world.

At the end of the deadline for submission of abstracts for ENDO 2022,  we have received 566 abstracts, including video abstracts. With participation from 49 countries, we confirm once more that our congress is becoming an important hub for all endoscopy learners and teachers around the world.

We invite you to view the preliminary program and look forward to welcoming you at ENDO 2022, the 3rd World Congress of GI Endoscopy: https://worldendo2022.org/program-overview/

A growing community

With special emphasis on remote connectivity throughout 2021 especially due to the pandemic, we have committed additional resources to our virtual platforms and social media channels to keep the global endoscopy community connected and growing.   I am very proud to report that we currently are able to connect with our members and provide interactive opportunities through the following channels:

  1. +6.700 followers on Facebook
  2. +2.300 followers on LinkedIn
  3. +2.000 followers on Twitter
  4. +1.700 subscribers on YouTube
  5. +10.000 subscribers on our mailing list

We not only increased our digital footprint but, we have also experienced a growth in WEO Individual Membership over the last couple of years.   We are very grateful to each one of our individual members who have decided to join our growing global endoscopy community.  In September 2021 WEO decided to open its doors to the experts of tomorrow by offering free individual membership to all trainees in gastrointestinal endoscopy. We are very pleased to have already welcomed trainee members from all over the world.

We are also very proud of the continued expansion of our network through the promotion of WEO-endorsed events and the recognition of new endoscopy units under the Collaboration of Organized and Recognized Endoscopy units (CORE) program.

I use this opportunity to thank all members of the WEO Executive board, Committee Chairs and partner societies for your continuous engagement which goes beyond any geographical borders. It is also thanks to our partners in the industry and representatives of partner events and publications that we continue to grow and accomplish our mission.

Thank you all for shaping the future of endoscopy. Together, we will continue to raise the voice of world endoscopy in years to come!

Fabian Emura
WEO President