The video shows excerpts of a lecture by Professor Juan Ramon Armengol-Miro delivered at an international symposium in Yekaterinburg, Russia. This meeting is an annual endoscopy conference, “Ural Endo” to which he was invited by Dr. Marina Ivantsova, Chair of the Endoscopy Department in Yekaterinburg. The lecture was presented in two parts, Terminology of Endoscopy and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Armengol-Miro has been a pioneer in the field of AI and is devoted to advances in its use in endoscopy. He has also been a supporter of endoscopic terminology, having been on the World Endoscopy Organization’s committee on Terminology when it was first formed in Madrid (1978) at the 4th World Congress of Gastroenterology and later serving on the Minimal Standard Terminology Committee.  During this lecture, Dr. Armengol-Miro introduced the 7th edition (2021) of the book: “Digestive Endoscopy-Terminology with Definitions and Classifications of Diagnosis and Therapy and Standardized Endoscopic Reporting”, which was first published by Zdenek Maratha, MD, in 1984 (Normed Verlag) and whose current authors are: Jerome D. Waye, MD, Lars Aabakken, MD and Jose Ramon Armengol-Miro, MD.