This honor recognizes an outstanding contribution to worldwide endoscopy education including, for example, trainee education, publication of educational material, or conduct of educational courses, and the notable contribution to activities and mission of WEO.

Dr. Sharma has devoted his career to improving the quality of education in digestive endoscopy worldwide for more than two decades. He is Professor of Medicine and director of the gastroenterology fellowship program at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. His expertise is vast, especially regarding Barrett’s esophagus, artificial intelligence (AI) in endoscopy, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and GI cancers.

Dr. Sharma’s work focuses on how endoscopy quality can be improved to provide the best possible outcome for patients. He collaborates with groups around the globe to determine the epidemiology of diseases commonly encountered in endoscopy, to develop classification systems that can be used globally, and to establish standards directed at improving the quality of endoscopy. He frequently publishes on Barrett’s esophagus, AI, and colonoscopy quality in leading journals in gastroenterology and internal medicine and is frequently invited as a guest speaker at endoscopy conferences around the globe.

In furthering the field of endoscopy, Dr. Sharma has noted that, the WEO is a “global leader in endoscopy education, interdisciplinary education and development of minimum standards in endoscopy.” Moving forward, Dr. Sharma hopes that the field of endoscopy will continue to promote innovation through AI, minimally invasive procedures, and robotic endoscopy.

Photo: Dr. Prateek Sharma is currently serving WEO as Chair of the Esophageal Diseases Ad Hoc Committee and Chair of the ENDO 2022 Scientific Committee