The Research Mentoring Award recognizes individuals who have been outstanding endoscopic research mentors, fostering a new generation of endoscopic investigators. Awardees have also published significantly in GI endoscopy and have contributed to the activities and mission of WEO.

Dr. Horst Neuhaus has been selected as the 2022 recipient because of his impressive contributions in this regard. On accepting the award, he has shared these comments:

I am deeply honored to receive the WEO Research Mentoring Award.

Our group regularly participates in multicenter studies and is involved in many projects on research and development of new technologies in endoscopy. Success and progress can only be achieved through close cooperation with other centers and the biomedical industry. This is facilitated by the WEO due to the activities of various committees and a frequent exchange of knowledge, experiences and scientific data in international projects, conferences and working groups.

The WEO offers a unique platform for mission-related activities in research, innovations in endoscopy, and education and training on a global level. The promotion of international collaboration in endoscopy is outstanding and it is always a pleasure to serve as an ambassador in this regard. The organization particularly enables cooperation with countries that have limited access to advanced endoscopy but who have to take care of many patients requiring endoscopic management of a large variety of GI diseases.

We can expect rapid further progress in endoscopy. Companies and GI societies will invest in research and development of new technologies that allow a minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic approach to the GI tract. Physicians and health care providers appreciate this development because it is patient-oriented and cost-effective. Modern social media, artificial intelligence, robots and other future technologies will further improve the quality and safety of endoscopy as well as research, teaching and education around the world.

We are delighted to congratulate Dr. Neuhaus on all he has accomplished thus far and all that is surely to come!

Dr. Horst Neuhaus