In keeping with its ethos of developing and implementing quality education in digestive endoscopy, WEO is delighted to have once more contributed to the scientific content of the 2022 19th Beijing International Digestive Diseases Forum. The wide range of lectures from WEO luminaries included:

• Lars Aabakken, WEO President-Elect – “Colorectal cancer screening: Technology on the horizon“

• D. Nageshwar Reddy, WEO Past President – “Advances in pancreatic-biliary endoscopy”

• Jean-Francois Rey, WEO Past President – “More effective enteroscopy with the motorized spiral enteroscope“

• Dong-Wan Seo, WEO Past Secretary-General and Treasurer – “Management of difficult bile duct cannulation”

• Hisao Tajiri, WEO President -– “Rapidly changing endoscopic medicine – What happened and will happen over the past and the next 30 years?”

Professor Tajiri said: “On behalf of WEO, I would like to congratulate Professor Zhang Shu-Tian and the Executive Committee on yet another successful organization of the Beijing International Digestive Disease Forum. In its 19th year, the BIDDF is known to be one of the leading GI endoscopy congresses in China, offering participants multidisciplinary teachings at the highest level. WEO looks forward to even closer cooperation in raising the standards and quality in endoscopy through collaboration with key partners around the world such as the BIDDF.”

The BIDDF is recognized as one of the most important GI medicine events in China. The 2022 19th BIDDF was organized by the following:

• Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA)

• World Association of Chinese Gastroenterologists & Hepatologists

• National Clinical Research Center for Digestive Diseases

• Chinese Association of Gastroenterologists & Hepatologists

• The Society of Clinical Trials and Big Data Quality Centers of China Quality Association for Pharmaceutical

• Digestive Endoscopology Academy of China

• Beijing Friendship Hospital

• Capital Medical University

• Peking Union Medical College Hospital

• The Digestive Medical Coordinated Development Center of Beijing Hospitals Authority

• Institute of Beijing Clinical Medicine

• Beijing Digestive Disease Center, Department of Gastroenterology, Capital Medical University

• Chinese Institute of Digestive Endoscopy

BIDDF 2022 reached more than 22,000 registered participants in China.