Links to the three presentations from August’s e-Video sections are given below:

Digestive Endoscopy (DEN):

Transpapillary gallbladder biopsy using newly designed endoscopic sheath

Kei Yane, Tetsuya Sumiyoshi, Hitoshi Kondo


Double-scope rendezvous technique: a safe way to perform an endoscopic ultrasound-guided ileorectal anastomosis after complete stenosis

Marion Schaefer, Julie Leclerc, Jérémie Albouys, Thomas Lambin, Jérémie Jacques, Thibaut Fouquet, Jean-Baptiste Chevaux


Endoscopic management of magnet ingestion and its adverse events in children

Radhika Chavan, Vatsal Bachkaniwala, Varun Tadkalkar, Chaiti Gandhi, Sanjay Rajput

We are grateful to the Editors of these journals for sharing their links with our WEO e-Newsletter community.