During the online ceremony WEO and KSGE Executives affirmed the common goal to make ENDO 2024 an outstanding and memorable event. WEO and ENDO 2024 President, Professor Hisao Tajiri, emphasized during this joyous occasion, ‘We are determined to make ENDO 2024 a successful congress together with a strong partner like KSGE. It will take two years to prepare, but the result will be worth waiting. There is still a lot of work ahead for all of us: all the partnering societies, members and the industry. The World Congress of GI Endoscopy has already set a new milestone as the most desired global meeting for the world of endoscopy. From India to Brazil to Japan and now in Korea, we will do our best to ensure that it remains as such. I am sure that we will all work closely together for a wonderful world class congress in GI Endoscopy, spreading new teachings, techniques and technology for better patient care!’

Professor Hoon Jai Chun, Co-President of ENDO 2024, remarked: “KSGE is pleased to countersign the contract and looks forward to collaboration between WEO and KSGE for a successful world congress”.

Echoing the sentiments of Professor Chun, Professor Oh Young Lee, KSGE President, commented: “We are here for ENDO 2024, taking a big step forward. I believe that close communication between KSGE and WEO will bring about the triumph of ENDO 2024”.

Jean-Francois Rey, ENDO 2024 Steering Committee Chair, added: “We are honored to be collaborating with KSGE. I have no doubt we will have a successful joint meeting. WEO has hosted three successful world congresses in the past, the first in Hyderabad, 2017, then in Rio de Janeiro, 2020 and most recently in Kyoto, 2022 and I am certain that we will offer an even more fruitful congress in 2024.”

The ENDO 2024 Scientific Committee will unite in efforts to develop the program. Professor Philip Chiu, ENDO 2024 Scientific Committee Chair, asserted: “It was the marvelous work of WEO to establish the ENDO meeting, and I have joined each of them. And I can see that attendance and the value of scientific content have been increasing. As the Chair of Scientific Committee, I hope to gain from your strength and support to put forward a remarkable scientific program to attract more attendees from all around the world to join us in Korea.

ENDO 2024 will include all the components required for an excellent meeting: state-of-the-art scientific symposia, keynote speaker lectures, live demonstrations, hands-on training, a learning center, and much more.

Save the date: July 4-6, 2024. For more information stay tuned via the WEO website and the e-newsletter!