Members of the WEO Executive Committee and the WEO Superminimally Invasive Interventions (SMII) Committee came out in full force to support the 10th China International Forum of NOTES (natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery) and Interventional Endoscopy in Zhengzhou, China, as well as the 1st WEO SMII Committee Congress in conjunction with the 15th Shanxi Province Digestive Diseases meeting in Taiyuan, China. Both these meetings had hybrid onsite and onscreen formats.

Professor Enqiang Linghu, the President of the Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopology as well as the Chairman of the WEO Super Minimally Invasive Interventions Adhoc Committee was honored to organize the 1st WEO SMII Committee Congress held with the 15th Shandong Province Digestive Diseases Annual Meeting. Members of the WEO SMII Ad hoc Committee shared their valuable expertise and knowledge in the following lectures:

  • The operation tunnel of superminimally invasive surgery – Enqiang Linghu, China
  • GPOEM in 2022 – Qiang Cai, USA
  • EUS-directed therapy of pancreas cancer – Dong-Wan Seo, South Korea
  • Digestive endoscopic tunnel technique in the upper-GI tract – Ningli Chai, China
  • Endoluminal robotics for treatment of early GI neoplasia – Philip Chiu, Hong Kong, China
  • ESD in Barrett’s esophagus – Prateek Sharma, USA
  • SMII for anorectal LST: First Egyptian experience – Admad Madhour, Egypt
  • Contribution of video capsule and balloon-assisted enteroscopy to the minimally and superminimally invasive treatment of patients with small-intestinal bleeding – Evgeny Federov, Russia
  • Clinical application status of peroral endoscopic myotomy – Deliang Liu, China
  • The treatment strategy of endoscopy combined with thoracoscopy in submucosal tumors of the esophagus – Zhining Fan, China
  • Management of dysplasia in IBD – Asma Alkandari, Kuwait

The lectures were highly popular with close to 7000 viewers logging in to the sessions to learn more from these international experts.

On the same weekend, the 10th China International Forum of NOTES and Interventional Endoscopy took place in Zhengzhou. This was organized by Professor Bingrong Liu from the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, in partnership with the Chinese Journal of Digestive Endoscopy, the NOTES Committee of the Colorectal Cancer Specialized Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy Branch Committee of the Henan Medical Association, and the Minimally Invasive and ERAT Group, Gastroenterology Society of China Association for Promotion of International of Internal Exchange in Medical Care. Long a strong supporter of the International Forum, WEO brought collaboration to another level through participation in a dedicated session with the following contributions:

  • Advances in third space endoscopy – Nageshwar Reddy, India
  • Diagnosis and therapeutic enteroscopy with spiral enteroscope – Jean-Francois Rey, France
  • Endoscopic full-thickness resection for treatment of gastric GIST –Philip Chiu, Hong Kong, China
  • Tips for colorectal ESD, and various closure techniques – Yutaka Saito, Japan

WEO was very pleased to welcome more than 10000 viewers for this special session and looks forward to future partnership.