The hybrid meeting of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee (CRC SC) took place at the Courtyard Marriott Prater/Messe in Vienna, Austria on October 7, 2022. The aim of the meeting was to provide opportunities for experts to share their updates on a variety of topics, new developments, and trends within colorectal cancer screening. The day was divided into Expert Working Group sessions in the morning and a plenary session in the afternoon. The plenary meeting was livestreamed via Zoom and YouTube. In addition to these sessions, WEO’s Polyp Detection, Characterization, Resection, and AI Expert Working Group hosted a special evening workshop. A total of 120 people attended the CRC SC meeting in-person and over 110 attendees joined virtually for the plenary session.

It was a day filled with positive experiences; the majority of attendees pointed out that they were happy to have the opportunity to attend in person again, reconnect with their friends, and to learn the latest information on CRC screening.

If you would like to view the presentations given during this meeting, do visit our website:  

The WEO Governing Council Meeting was held on October 8, 2022. WEO President, Professor Hisao Tajiri, welcomed the council members to the meeting. This was followed by more detailed reports, as each WEO Committees, standing and ad hoc, and each WEO zone presented updates on their current and forthcoming planned activities. With a great turnout, there was much active discussion among participants about how to move the organization forward.

Additionally, updates on ENDO 2024, the 4th World Congress of GI Endoscopy, which will be hosted jointly by WEO and the Korean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (KSGE) were shared. The Congress will take place on July 4–6, 2024 in Seoul, Korea. Professor Tajiri presented a video of the online signing ceremony and introduced the ENDO 2024 leadership who will be helping to organize this great event. 

The WEO booth at UEG Week was very well visited, particularly by many young endoscopists interested in furthering their education through WEO courses. The team shared information with both current and potential members. This interest has already borne fruit with several new individual members joining since the time of the congress. ENDO 2024 also sparked much interest in visitors to the booth, who took “Save the Date” postcards to share with colleagues back home.

Industry Partners Reception: On Monday, October 10th WEO hosted a reception for industry partners at the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront Hotel., This reception provided a wonderful opportunity to emphasize WEO’s appreciation for the support received from trusted industry partners. The WEO leadership took this opportunity to present the latest highlights of WEO programs and plans for the next year, whose success will require support from industry partners.

Photo Gallery: Vienna, Austria