WEO congratulates the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and the Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopology (CSDE) on the successful conclusion of the Chinese Conference of Digestive Endoscopy (CCDE) 2022.

One of the most important national congresses in China, the Chinese Conference of Digestive Endoscopy (CCDE) 2022 received overwhelming support and positive responses from Chinese doctors nationally. A total of 1067 manuscripts were collected and 268 lectures and 73 surgical videos were featured.

A special international session was dedicated to WEO and included the following lectures:

•  Endoscopy aspects of pancreatic cystic lesions;  Lars Aabakken

•  Landmarks and definitions in Barrett’s esophagus: What’s happening and what’s next; Fabian Emura

•  Advances in endoscopic biliary and gallbladder drainage; Doug Faigel

•  IEE-JNET and EMR/ESD; Yutaka Saito

•  Seeing the biliary tree: Cholangioscopy Dong Wan Seo                             

•  GI endoscopy in Japan – past, present and future ; Hisao Tajiri

•  Endoscopic clips: Which type, when and how to use?; Nageshwar Reddy

•  Clinical benefits and safety of motorized spiral enteroscopy: Results from 204 cohorts; Jean-Francois Rey

•  Environmental risk factors and treatment of IBD in the non-Western world; Banerjee Rupa

WEO President, Hisao Tajiri says: “On behalf of WEO, I would like to congratulate Professor Linghu Enqiang and CCDE 2022 on this great success! As the main national congress, CCDE 2022, with its excellent scientific content and top-notch speakers, is in a good position to continue meaningful research and spread its teachings to doctors from all parts of China. WEO is very pleased to contribute to the scientific program by providing a global and different perspective and we look forward to closer collaboration.”

CCDE 2022 garnered more than 10000 online registrations and a total of 240000 online viewers.