This unique in-person course, designed by Fabian Emura and co-directed by Douglas Rex, was held on February 4 in Bogota DC, Colombia. The distinguished faculty included Jerome Waye, Yasushi Sano, Takahisa Matsuda, Roque Saenz, Lisandro Pereyra, Douvan Calderon, Carlos Donneys, and Javier Barrera-León.

The course cantered on techniques for assisting colonoscope insertion in both straightforward and complicated cases. Also covered were the Waye technique for intubating the ileocecal valve, tricks for scope withdrawal, image-enhanced endoscopy, and techniques for optimizing adenoma detection rate (ADR). Live demonstrations followed each lecture, to provide participants with a thorough illustration of the learning points; thus, participants directly observed the effects of implementing the various tips and techniques in clinical practice.