Colonoscopy Screening Trials

Goal of the Colonoscopy Screening Trials Expert Working Group is to provide an interactive international forum for investigators and other interested health care professionals focused on screening colonoscopy in the general population in order to help to continue and improve the decrease in incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer worldwide.




Dr Robin Mendelsohn (USA)



Dr Saenz Photo.


Dr Roque Sáenz (Chile)



To this end, our specific aims are to:

  • review progress of ongoing randomized trials
  • assess comparative effectiveness in the trials when outcome data become available ,
  • review progress of observational studies and campaigns  being conducted in various countries
  • examine issues in these trials, studies and campaigns as well as in other reports related to screening colonoscopy including:  concepts, methodology,  initial uptake, sequential adherence, benchmark quality factors, ethnic gender and age considerations for initiation and cessation of screening, cost effectiveness
  • discuss the relationship of evidence to clinical implementation and guidelines with the perspective of available resources and infrastructure as well as other screening modalities
  • disseminate reports of deliberations from the EWG in order to achieve our stated goal.