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Expert Working Groups

The Expert Working Groups (EWGs) of the Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Committee were created to cover certain elements of CRC screening that required more in depth discussions. To date, there are 7 EWGs. Click on the name to learn more about each of them:

Expert Working Groups, and their leaders, that have been established by the World Endoscopy Organization Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee:

Expert Working Group Chairs
1 FIT for Screening Sally Benton (UK)
Manon Spaander (Netherlands)
2 Polyp Detection, Characterization, Resection and AI Yuichi Mori (Japan)
Daniel von Renteln (Canada)
3 WEO Coalition to Reduce Inequities in Colorectal Cancer Screening* Peter Liang (USA)
Christian von Wagner (UK)
Robert Kerrison (UK)
4 PCCRC & Quality in Colonoscopy (formerly Right-Sided Lesions and Interval Cancers) Matt Rutter (UK)
Jeffrey Lee (USA)
5 Evaluation of New Screening Tests Carlo Senore (Italy)
Robert Bresalier (USA)
Graeme Young (Australia)
6 Surveillance after Colorectal Neoplasia Rodrigo Jover (Spain)
Uri Ladabaum (USA)
7 Screening in a COVID-19 era Susan Parry (New Zealand)
Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar (Netherlands)
Sravanthi Parasa (USA)

*Please note: EWG Improving Population Engagement in Screening chaired by Ronald Myers was was retired and integrated into Inequities in CRC Screening.

EWG Colonoscopy Screening Trials (in collaboration with the International Digestive Cancer Alliance) chaired by Roque Saenz and Robin Mendelsohn was retired.

25 peer-reviewed consensus documents have emerged from these, for the full overview please see the ‘WEO CRC Screening Committee Publications‘ available here.