Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee

FIT for Screening Expert Working Group Publications

The Expert Working Group has published several articles that reinforce its efforts towards FIT standardisation. The list below will be updated as more manuscripts are published.

  • Allison JE, Fraser CG, Halloran SP, Young GP. Comparing fecal immunochemical tests: improved standardization is needed. Gastroenterology 2012;142(3):422-4. Epub 2012/01/24. Read full article
  • Allison JE, Fraser CG, Halloran SP, Young GP. Population screening for colorectal cancer means getting FIT: the past, present, and future of colorectal cancer screening using FIT. Gut and Liver 2014;8:117-30. Read full article
  • Allison JE, Fraser CG, Halloran SP, Young GP. Quality Indicators and Benchmarks for Guideline-Recommended Fecal Occult Blood Tests. In: Shaukat A, Allen JI, editors. Colorectal Cancer Screening: Springer New York; 2015. p. 65-79. Read full article
  • Benton S, Seaman H, Halloran S. Faecal Occult Blood Testing for Colorectal Cancer Screening: the Past or the Future. Current Gastroenterology Reports 2015;17(2):1-9. Read full article
  • Carroll MRR, Piggott C, Pearson S, Seaman HE, Halloran SP. Evaluation of quantitative faecal immunochemical tests for haemoglobin. Guildford Medical Device Evaluation Centre (GMEC), Guildford, UK, 2013. Read full article
  • Fraser C, Allison JE, Young GP, Halloran S. Newer fecal tests: opportunities for professionals in laboratory medicine. Clinical Chemistry 2012;58(6):963-5. Epub 2012/03/27. Read full article
  • Fraser CG, Allison JE, Halloran SP, Young GP. A proposal to standardize reporting units for fecal immunochemical tests for hemoglobin. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2012;104(11):810-4. Read full article
  • Fraser CG, Allison JE, Young GP, Halloran SP. Quantitation of hemoglobin improves fecal immunochemical tests for noninvasive screening. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2013;11(7):839-40. Read full article
  • Fraser CG, Allison JE, Young GP, Halloran SP, Seaman HE. A Standard for Faecal Immunochemical Tests for Haemoglobin Evaluation Reporting (FITTER) (Letter). Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 2014;51(2):301-2. Read full article
  • Fraser C, Halloran S, Allison J, Young G. Making colorectal cancer screening FITTER for purpose with quantitative faecal immunochemical tests for haemoglobin (FIT). Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 2013;51(11):2065-7. Read full article
  • Fraser CG, Allison JE, Young GP, Halloran SP, Seaman HE. Improving the reporting of evaluations of faecal immunochemical tests for haemoglobin: the FITTER standard and checklist. European Journal of Cancer Prevention 2015;24(1):24-6. Read full article
  • Halloran SP. Colorectal cancer screening – insights and challenges. Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2014:11;586–7. Read full article
  • Young GP, Fraser CG, Halloran SP, Cole S. Guaiac based faecal occult blood testing for colorectal cancer screening: an obsolete strategy? Gut 2012;61(7):959-60. Read full article
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  • Young GP, Carlo Senore, Jack S. Mandel, James E.Allison, Wendy S. Atkin, MPH, Robert Benamouzig, Patrick M. M. Bossuyt, Mahinda De Silva, Lydia Guittet, Stephen P. Halloran, Ulrike Haug, Geir Hoff, Steven H. Itzkowitz, Marcis Leja, Bernard Levin, Gerrit A. Meijer, Colm A. O’Morain, Susan Parry, Linda Rabeneck, Paul Rozen, Hiroshi Saito, Robert E. Schoen, Helen E. Seaman, Robert J. C. Steele, Joseph J. Y. Sung, and Sidney J.Winawer. Recommendations for a Step-Wise Comparative Approach to the Evaluation of New Screening Tests for Colorectal Cancer. Cancer 2016; 122(6):826-39. DOI 10.1002/cncr.29865 Read full article