Polyp Detection, Characterization, Resection and AI

The objective of the Expert Working Group “Polyp Detection, Characterization, Resection and AI” (former Image Enhanced Endoscopy (IEE) and Endoscopic Therapy) is to improve detection, characterization and complete removal of neoplastic lesions and improve CRC prevention through application of Image Enhanced Endoscopy.


Yuichi Mori (Japan)

Daniel von Renteln (Canada)

The aims of this working group are:

  • To determine cost-effectiveness of IEE.
  • To provide guidance on the application of IEE for the detection, classification, and complete resection of neoplastic lesions
  • To disseminate best practice for IEE through education and training programs.
  • To assist in the implementation of effective IEE through establishment of a validated minimum standard terminology and performance indicators related to IEE.