Date: November 6, 2020

Location: Virtual

1st International Workshop on Endoscopic Surgery organized by the Flexible Endoscopy Commission of the Argentine Association of Surgery.

This will be a free event and it will take place entirely on-line. 1000 attendees will be able to participate in it during six hours. The objective of this event is to continue endoscopists training during the pandemic, so attendees will be able to ask questions and share experiences with the working teams.

Complex endoscopic procedures will be performed simultaneously at four Latin American Centers:
1. Instituto Chileno Japonés at San Borja Arriaran Hospital in Santiago de Chile, with Dr. Caudio Navarrete’s Team.
2. Union of Surgeons SAS of Colombia, with Dr. Lázaro Arango’s Team.
3. Iturraspe Hospital at Santa Fe, Argentina with Dr. Hugo Imhof’s Team.
4. Sanatorio Argentino San Juan, with Dr. Marcelo Ponce’s Team.

The following procedures will be presented at the workshop:
– Complex endoscopic procedure s of the upper gastrointestinal tract (POEM, ESD, etc.).
– Bile duct procedures (also spy-glass and echoendoscopy).
– Colorectal procedures (complex resections, stents, etc.).

Please note the language of the event is Spanish.

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