Date: June 19-21, 2017

Location: Brussels, Belgium

The GEEW 35th Anniversary will continue with the established pattern of combining live demonstrations with a direct interaction between the participants, the moderators and the experts performing procedures.
The intended audience includes gastroenterologists, surgeons, internists and oncologists, nurses and GI assistants, MD in trainingand medical students, biomedical engineers and industry partners. The format is based on live cases transmitted from Erasme Hospital, produced by a professional team in collaboration with experienced physicians and dedicated to provide the most comprehensive illustration of the procedures. All over the procedures, information summarizing the most recent publications will be displayed to reinforce the discussion based on scientific evidence.
The cases will be performed by world-renowned experts in collaboration with local physicians and nursing staff. Every procedure will be performed by at least 2 experts working together in order to ensure maximal interaction with the audience. The scientific programme also offers State-of-the-Art lectures, Questions and Answers sessions, medical quizzes and “How I do it?” dedicated
lectures. Simultaneous translation will be provided from English into French.

For more information, visit the event official website.