Date: November 7-9, 2019

Location: Moscow, Russia

Please find below a letter from the Organizing Committee of the event:

Dear Friends!

On November 7-9, 2019 in Moscow we will host the International Educational Endoscopic videos Forum (IEEF2019).

The purpose of the video Forum is training and exchanging of experience between the endoscopists and familirazation the doctors of related specialties with the achievements of modern Endoscopy.

Participants of the event will expand their understanding of the history of the National Schools of Endoscopy, modern and future possibilities of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Numerous video sessions will allow participants to see rare and most interesting video cases, as well as to discuss with the World-class Experts the issues related to new techniques, equipment and endoscopic devices. Specialists of the Forum will update and replenish their professional knowledge and theoretical base during the symposia held with the participation of leading local and foreign Experts. During the Lecture Podiums it will be possible to hear the latest reports on novelties and developments in the world of Endoscopy, ask questions and develop a discussion with the Experts in a relaxed atmosphere of a lunch break.

The original format of the Forum will provide an opportunity to see selected by the Scientific Committee the best video demonstrations of endoscopic methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system, as well as video demonstrations of rare observations and original endoscopic techniques. The winners of Olympics in Endoscopy, who took the first three places, will be awarded prizes established by the organizers of the event.

The third scientific and practical day will be held under the slogan “Education in Endoscopy”. For the first time we will hold a Japanese school of Endoscopy, in which 40 participants of the all-Russian project Endoleaders will learn the basics of Endoscopy from our Japanese colleagues. Fans of capsule endoscopy will be immersed in the world of capsule achievements with the International and National Experts with extensive experience in this area. This day will be full of symposiums on topical issues of diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract, pancreatobiliary area and colonoscopy. Communication with the Experts and professionals will create a fruitful atmosphere, expand knowledge and set You on the right course of implementation seen in the daily practice.

Dear colleagues, we are confident that the upcoming November days of the International Educational Endoscopy video Forum will not only be fruitful and effective, but will also be the days full of unforgettable impressions, close communication with friends and establishing useful contacts in our professional community!

The Organizing Committee IEEF2019


For more information, please visit the official meeting website.