Research opportunities

WEO-ARA has strongly supported research as one of the pillars of its training activities in Africa. Research improves clinical care delivery and standards, it improves teaching, and it provides an avenue for career progression. Research particularly in low- and middle-income countries justifies dollars spent on health and improves efficient health care delivery.

Submit your project or research idea

Submit your expertise to support African endoscopy and research

Do you have a research project ready to go? Or maybe you have some research ideas but don’t know where to start. This webpage is here to help connect you to people who can help. Click on the Researcher link to take you to an interactive form to (confidentially) submit your project details.
We will review it and either:
> Directly provide you with some advice to get going to the next stages
> Connect you with potential international collaborators with research experience and access to international resources.

Projects at all stages of development are accepted.

For non-African collaborators, this is an opportunity to expand horizons. Join our network of global support for African endoscopy and endoscopy research. Register your expertise and interests above.

WEO supporting African ENDOSCOPY and RESEARCH

If you have any questions, please contact WEO Secretariat at